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ReMi-Net is a new social network for artistic people.

'R.E.M.I.' stands for Real Embody of My Identity. This is a key name/description for artistic people who can show their Real Embody
expressed in their own ART. 'Net' stands for NETWORK.

Every day people create things such as: paintings, poetry, verses, song lyrics,
scripts, screenplays, business ideas, sayings, memes (funny pictures with funny
comments), graphic wallpapers, knitwear, wood/metal carvings, graffiti, hand
writings, buildings, Lego, office documents, etc.

ReMi-Net is the best place to share it with worldwide audience


Display and promote art projects and artistic people
Become the biggest and most popular online data base for artistic people


Our motto:

‘Be artistic. Be seen’
‘You must be seen. Your art must be shown’
‘We focus on being Simple, Useful and Reliable’



A single art project can be a photo, video, document, link to the web space you are/were working on, or all together in one

Every art project is a reflection of your personality and your idea. Your followers and online visitors will only see what you show them, so make the most of it.

Every art project has its individual external link, so you can share them anytime. You can adjust your art project at any time, and its link will not change. So you don't need to worry about reposting it after every improvement.

Example (click on the purple link): Remi and Lithuanian Winter

So, be artistic and think outside the box laugh

If you have any troubles by posting your art project(s), please inform our Customer Support department.

First of all, we did deliver the right place for your art projects - a social network focused on ARTs and ARTistic people.

The ART - it’s creativity and imagination expressed in a visual form. We want to help you to deliver the best you have and let other people to see it and value.

Our platform helps to display every your art project in attractive way by making sure that people who see it, can see the best side of it.

We strongly advice that everytime you publish your art project, make sure you provide as much information as possible (in provided fields).

Your arts are our priority, so we are happy to link it to our RMN news-emails with our subscribers and our followers on other social network accounts*


* = applies to randomly chosen, properly displayed art projects

Fees help us to keep the platform running and continuously implement improvements.

Our personal account fees are very low, so most online users are able to afford it.

As we like to keep it clear, all fees are displayed including VAT, so you will not pay more than you see*


* = depends on your bank and country of residence


Log-in as RMN user, go to Paying Plans page, choose what you need and click on it. After you enter your paying details, system will update your account within a few seconds (will do so automatically).

If you already are a paying customer, you will not be billed straight away, but your new subscription will be activeted within a few seconds. Our billing system will use your current credit towards your upgrade, so you will not overpay.

Eg. if you were a SILVER account user and moved to PLATINUM, your next bill will be higer and depends when you upgraded. All further bills at usual £12 /quarter.


If you are a payable account user, please do NOT click on Aluminiun subscription as it will cancel your current subscription and your account will be limited with basic functions.

We strongly advice you to deliver as much information about your self as possible. Let your followes know you. Blank profiles never were attractive.

Properly managed account will make your followers and online visitors to see your ''Real Me''.

You also can provide at least one contact link as email, phone number, etc. In this way people will be able to contact you directly about your arts, or even deliver a business proposal.


We recommend do not publish too much of personal information, but this is up to you.

Please review our Privacy Policy page. If you are using our services you are fully agree with our provided Privacy conditions.

As our customers are artistic people, we can not ''draw a line'' in saying at what age you can start (or stop) display your art projects.

Some rescrictions depends on individual countries.

If underage person wants to use our payable services, he/she needs to ask its parents (or other adult family members) to pay for it. Payer is fully responsible for what materials underage person is publishing.

Please review our Terms of Service page. If you are using our services you are fully agree with our provided Terms and Conditions.

YES. We are a different platform, and focused on you and your arts!

Check out 'New user guide' cool


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