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Why Join ReMi Art Social Media Network?

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The influence of social media in society since the advent of the internet for individuals and businesses alike has been huge, and millions of people from all corners of the world now share information through the many social media network platforms.

ReMi Network has identified the need for artists to have their own unique social media platform and has created a portal specifically for artists to be seen.

Anyone with artistic talents in any art discipline can now showcase their work and art portfolios for the world to see.


Art lovers in turn, can browse these art categories at their leisure, and communicate, or even purchase their favourite art or prints all in the convenience of their own homes.


ReMi art social media Network plays a crucial role for artists to have their creativity enjoyed by everyone, a platform where artists can provide their portfolios, backgrounds and insights to their artistic talents.

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The Advantages of Artists Social Network


The biggest advantage of ReMi art social Network is the fact that artists and art lovers or anyone people from all over the world can easily share their their visions, talents, and hobbies online with others.


ReMi artists social Network can help anyone with their art experiences and it is simple and even free to register in a few minutes.

Artists that specialize in many forms of art disciplines will find this medium invaluable in getting their art seen while taking it a step further can even allow art lovers to purchase originals or prints of their art online.


ReMi Art social media Network focuses on building a network of artists and art lovers becoming a place for interaction to share talent and appreciate that talent.


Art lovers will be able to read artists portfolios and add their views and opinions on their favourite works.


You will find ReMi Art social media Network is simple and easy to use with full instructions and our mission is to keep the site as user-friendly as possible.

We welcome suggestions to improve this platform and you can let us know what key tools and features you would like us to add in the future.

Published: 11 December 2018