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ReMi Network for Artists knows the importance of social media today and with this, in mind, we have created a special portal for artists to showcase their talents in art online.

Our art online network shows the world your creativeness while allowing art lovers to enjoy your work and purchase their preferences in any types of art genres.

There are many other social media sites where you will find art online but our focus is delivering something extra special for artists with a variety of features available to express your creativity and imagination freely.

When you display your art online you are able to add detailed information on your work while even making it available for sale to art connoisseurs in originals or in prints.

Display Your Art Online With ReMi Network

Art online allows artists in any genres create a successful career because with us art lovers can access all your work freely to help you become successful and well know in the art you specialize in.

ReMi Artists Network offers artists the advantage of marketing and networking opportunities which is the perfect vehicle for building your brand as an artist. Online art is perfect for showcasing your talent with other artists and art fans, while it also gives you the chance to draw attention from professional art galleries and art publications.














Showcasing your art online is a smart way to access art lovers and gives you the added advantage to monetize your art which both adds to your creative and future financial success. As an artist, you have the opportunity to build your unique brand no matter what type of art you specialize in.

Our art online gallery is the perfect great place to show off your talent and our features allow you to add your biography images and expressions as an artist for everyone to see.

You can network with other artists and professional art collectors and lovers can order the original or prints of your work directly from your profiles.

The advantages you enjoy an artist’s when you use an online art gallery is that you have full control over how your art is displayed and sold, and it is far more cost effective than using a brick and mortar gallery.

Many artists are nervous about selling their art online because some art online social media sites have been made over complicated and others can even charge hefty commissions from your art sales.

We have kept everything transparent and simplified offering full support for artists whenever they need this.

Art online galleries have come a long way in helping talented people showcase their work and creativity and ReMi Network will lead the way in becoming the best place where artists and art lovers from all over the world can interact together.


Published: 08 December 2018