Co-founder vacancies


NOTE: this is only a temporary website until the social network platform will be developed



R TEAM seeking for:

3 x Software Engineer / Back-end / Full stack Developer and co-founder: considering applicants

1 x Lead Developer and co-founder: seeking

1 x UX/UI Designer and co-founder: considering applicants

1 x Chief Operating Officer and co-founder (COO): seeking

Responsibilities: to DELIVER, keep IMPROVING and LOOK AFTER the ReMi-Net social network.


Founder will sign co-founder (shareholder) contracts with up to 12 GENUINE and KEEN people who want to work on a big project and own a part of it.

Please note, that here is NO salary, equity shares are offered in return at start (around 6 – 12 months, until the investment(s) received).
Roles are Part time at the start as it is REMOTE work. This will become full time with a salary later on.

Co-founders will have to do around 20 hours per week.


15 Jun 2018 update = considering a few applicants



Between 0.5% (half) and 6% (six) per co-founder will be offered (depends on applicant skills and offered position)

Software/App developers = between 0,5 – 3% (each)

Chief Officers = between 4 – 6% (each)


This is your chance to join a big project which has a bright future and will help you to earn a lot of money (after it will be launched).

You (should) know how it works and if you are not happy about the information on this page – please don’t waste your time and good luck somewhere else.


We are open to US/CA/Europe (or close to Europe) genuine applicants

NDA (3 pages) and Shareholder agreement (11 pages) documents are ready to be signed

Meeting in person and/or Skype/Viber video call is a must before moving towards the shareholder’s agreement

Only chosen applicants will have to fully identify them selves by sending out a clearly scanned photo ID


Will NOT consider any applicants who wants 20% or 50% of Company shares ‘just like that’.

NO applicants will be considered who:

didn’t bother to read provided information on the website;

want to be paid hourly and now (or offering paid services);

want to get a huge share of the Company without considering about other co-founders (being greedy);

sent out unprofessional CV;

are not sure what they want;

don’t understand how big this project is and etc.

Those applications will be DELETED without any further consideration.


Apply (+ your CV) to

Founder    CEO