Investor vacancies

Looking for Angel, Private and/or VC investor(s) to invest £400k (or more)

Will consider to exchange 5% of Company shares per every £100k investment

Full business plan for investors = 34 pages (will be updated after co-founders will join)


Co-founder vacancies

4 web/software/app developers

(responsibilities: to DELIVER, keep IMPROVING and LOOK AFTER the ReMi-Net social network)

2 business developers

(responsibilities: researching, planning, contacting, presentations and etc)


Will NOT consider applicants who wants 20% or 50% of Company shares ‘just like that’.

Between 2% (two) and 10% (ten) per co-founder will be offered (depends on applicant skills).

Also, co-founders will NOT be paid any salary until investments will be received.

You (should) know how it works and if you are not happy about the information on this page – please don’t waste your time. In that case – I honestly wish you good luck somewhere else.


NDA and Shareholder’s agreement documents are ready to be signed

Meeting in person and/or Skype video call is a must before moving towards the shareholder’s agreement


Job vacancies

(depends on the investment amount)

Web/software/app developers (8 positions)

Part time HR officer (1 position)