Co-founder vacancies


NOTE: this is only a temporary website until the social network platform will be developed



Previously updated: 18 Sep 2018

R TEAM seeking:

3 x Software Engineer / Back-end / Full stack Developer and co-founder: seeking

1 x Lead Developer and co-founder: seeking

1 x Cyber Security Developer and co-founder: seeking

1 x UX/UI Designer and co-founder: seeking

2 x Graphic Designer and co-founder: considering applicants

1 x Chief Technology Officer (CTO): seeking

Responsibilities: to DELIVER, keep IMPROVING and LOOK AFTER the ReMi-Net social network.


Founder will sign co-founder (shareholder) contracts with GENUINE and KEEN people who want to work on a big project and own a part of it.

Please note, that here is NO salary, equity shares are offered in return at start (around 6 – 12 months, until the investment(s) received).
Roles are Part time at the start as it is REMOTE work. This will become full time with a salary later on.

Co-founders will have to do around 20 hours per week.



Between 0.5% (half) and 2% (two) per co-founder will be offered (depends on applicant skills and offered position).

Chief position offer is between 4% (four) and 6% (six).


This is your chance to join a big project which has a bright future and will help you to earn a lot of money (after it will be launched).

You (should) know how it works and if you are not happy about the information on this page – please don’t waste your time and good luck somewhere else.


We are open for European (or close to Europe) genuine applicants

NDA (3 pages) and Shareholder agreement (11 pages) documents are ready to be signed

Meeting in person and/or Skype/Viber video call is a must before moving towards the shareholder’s agreement

Only chosen applicants will have to fully identify them selves by sending out a clearly scanned photo ID


Will NOT consider any applicants who wants 20% or 50% of Company shares ‘just like that’.

NO applicants will be considered who:

didn’t bother to read provided information on the website;

want to be paid hourly and now (or offering paid services);

want to get a huge share of the Company without considering about other co-founders (being greedy);

sent out unprofessional CV;

are not sure what they want;

don’t understand how big this project is and etc.

Those applications will be DELETED without any further consideration.


Apply (+ your CV) to